Travel along the rivers and lakes of Russia with comfort!

Locius is a series of unique interactive Atlases designed for captains and owners of small boats, as well as anyone passionate about yachting and water travel.
The concept of the Locius project is to offer a single information space based on the printed version of our guidebook, navigational information and a database of sites.
The pages of the Atlas include
All relevant information in the Atlas is followed by special QR codes that can be used to quickly access information online.
riverside and lakeside infrastructure
of waterway specifics
ready-made routes
navigational charts
What is
The Atlas will simplify the planning of your journey and mapping out the best route to suit your preferences and resources and get the most out of your trip.
Choose anchorage and resupply sites, historical and cultural sites to visit along the way.
Who is this Atlas good for?
The Atlas is designed for all water travel and tourism enthusiasts
For sailing yachts
Yachtsmen will discover information on air drafts, depths next to anchorages, current water levels, weather services

For boats
Skippers and boaters can plan refuelling stops, download recommended routes and other useful information

For professionals
For experienced boaters - pilotage information, navigational charts for the maritime and riverine parts of the Northwestern Region compiled in one publication, expertly presented in a professional language

For amateurs
Visual aids for those wishing to discover water tourism and try their hand at captaining, explore possible routes, additional information on navigational equipment and programs is given

Atlas for fascinating journeys along waterways

The pages of the Atlas offer diverse information for travellers and water tourists.
The Atlas features descriptions of places to visit, historical and natural sites, places of military glory, cultural events, data on anchorages, shelters, approaches, routes along rivers and lakes, and tips for comfortable journeys. You will find reference information, contacts of the services responsible for dispatch control and safety of navigation on waterways.

The charts include shoreline, bottom topography, depths, navigational hazards and obstacles (rocks, stones, shipwrecks), natural and man-made navigation objects and marks, fairways with marked shipping lanes, anchorage areas, and data on land areas covered by the chart.
The charts in the Atlas show water safety organizations, their areas of responsibility, forbidden zones, communication channels and contacts of dispatch control services, specifics of navigation for small vessels on waterways, including hydraulic engineering structures, bridges, crossings and much more.
The information and reference boxes contain navigational and hydrographic outlines of water areas, pilotage information, information on coastal infrastructure facilities and hydraulic structures.
Travel planning facilities such as petrol stations, shops, pharmacies, hotels and holiday camps, restaurants, etc. are marked on the charts in the Atlas.
You will find green anchorages and yacht clubs with descriptions, diagrams, approaches and photos.
There are also detailed descriptions and pictures of significant sites accessible to water tourists - nature areas, wildlife reserves, cultural and historical heritage sites, places of military glory and other attractions.

In the Atlas, you will find information on festivals, celebrations and important events and activities of regional and national significance.
The Atlas features a variety of routes for travelling along sections of the waterways; you will also find links to approaching anchorages, yacht clubs and other sites. The routes are based on recommendations from expert yachtsmen and boaters.
MORIS database collects and continuously updates specialized navigation information in the form of markers, tracks and routes, which are stored in GPX (GPS eXchange Format). The format works with multiple PC programs, including Google Earth, Ozi Explorer, Yandex.Navigator, i-Boating, navigation apps for mobile devices, such as i-Boating, Navionics Boating, C-Map App, Transas iSailor and others.
Scan the QR code in the Atlas or select from the site description in the Locius SQRE app to download, open and save the relevant routes, tracks or markers on your computer or in the navigation app.

objects in MORIS database
kilometers of waterways
routes of various nature
infrastructure facilities: gas stations and floating fuel stations, pharmacies, shops, etc.
Atlas of Waterways
Printed edition with interactive links to maps, sites and routes.
The QR codes found in the Atlas can be used to access detailed information about the points of interest in the Locius SQRE mobile app.
Northwestern Region of Russia
Order a gift edition of the Atlas.
Hardcover, 47x35 cm format, 270 colourful pages, including 100 navigation charts, more than 50 diagrams and cutaways, 25 detailed descriptions of anchorage areas, special tracing paper pages with routes, spiral bound. Limited edition.
Available from December 1, 2021
Order a gift edition of the Atlas.

Hardcover, 47x35 cm format, 270 colourful pages, including 100 navigation charts, more than 50 diagrams and cutaways, 25 detailed descriptions of anchorage areas, special tracing paper pages with routes, spiral bound. Limited edition.

The App allows you to search for sites directly from MORIS database.
Locius SQRE offers the user up-to-date information about waterways, services and facilities: descriptions, photos and diagrams, links to websites, contact details, markers and tracks with the possibility to display navigation charts. The app allows you to download the most important information from MORIS database and save it in case you are out of cellular network coverage. Locius SQRE is available for Android and Apple iOS devices, smartphones and tablets.

Install Locius SQRE QR-application, get maximum convenience when using the Atlas!
Locius SQRE is a specially designed QR code scanner mobile app. It's a "gateway" between the Atlas and information online. Locius SQRE Interactive App
Locius SQRE Interactive App
Key types of QR codes:
Click "Block Editor" to enter the edit mode. Use layers, shapes and customize adaptability. Everything is in your hands.
Making a phone call
Starting the Audio Guide
Going to navigation maps
Going to the website
Going to the chart
How to use the app?
Scan the QR code
point your smartphone camera at the code in the Atlas
Download the app
for free
on Google Play or App Store
Select the information
about the site you are interested in
Interactive. On your browser.
  • Search
    We are developing a customized solution for finding information and planning journeys on Russian waterways.
    It conveniently displays all the information from MORIS databases on a computer screen on an interactive online chart, directly on your browser, all without installing any additional apps or downloading any software.

  • MORIS Database
    While publishing the Atlas, we have compiled and continuously updated a detailed electronic database of MORIS facilities for boaters, including anchorages, refuelling stations, attractions, accommodation facilities, shoreline infrastructure, rescue and dispatch services, etc.

  • Careful check
    All information is carefully checked by our employees. The interactive chart features descriptions, photos, diagrams, markers, approaches, routes in the formats of navigation programs and equipment, as well as contacts and details of sites and companies, pilot information and navigation and hydrographic outlines on sections of waterways. To simplify the search, you can apply special filters.
Dear friends!

You now have a wonderful opportunity to plan your trip along the rivers and lakes of the Northwestern region with the help of the new reference and interactive publication "Atlas of waterways for travellers and tourists", Northwestern Region of Russia.

The Atlas includes useful information on organizing safe water routes from the Gulf of Finland to Lake Onega. The incredible beauty of nature and the authenticity of cultural attractions of Northwestern Russia combined with the romance of spending time on the water will allow all lovers of yachting and motorized tourism to discover new locations.

In the printed edition, the most attractive touristic sites are marked with a special QR-code. If a user scans it, they will get a description of historical, cultural and natural sights, and to make things more convenient, a link to the Atlas of waterways of Northwestern Russia will be placed at, the national tourism website.

Head of the Federal Agency for Tourism Z.V. Doguzova

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